Yaeger in the Field: Chicken N Pickle Grapevine

Katie Gall on September 29, 2022

Patrick Lenahan was in Texas last week for Construction Administration of Chicken N Pickle Grapevine. Chicken N Pickle is an indoor/outdoor entertainment complex that includes a casual, chef-driven restaurant and sports bar that boasts pickleball courts, a variety of yard games and enough space to kick back and relax with your favorite peeps. New to this Chicken N Pickle location is a designated dog park area.  

Chicken N Pickle broke ground in Delaney Vineyards in Grapevine on April 27th. It will be the third location to open in Texas at the end of the year. Chicken N Pickle San Antonio and Chicken N Pickle Grand Prairie were also designed by Yaeger Architecture.

Construction is moving forward quickly in Grapevine. The main restaurant building is taking shape along with the indoor court building. The outdoor court slab has been installed. Inside, the restaurant is receiving wall finishes and overhead doors are being installed. The outdoor covered courts now have a completed roof.