Q&A with Summer Intern T.J. Moon

Yaeger Architecture on August 20, 2015

The Fall semester begins on Monday at the University of Kansas and it is our summer intern’s last day at Yaeger Architecture.  We are sad to see T.J. leave, but consider ourselves fortunate to have been able to work with him for the past few months.  We interviewed T.J. about his experience and are celebrating this afternoon with a farewell party. Good luck, T.J.!

What did you learn about yourself?

The internship made me realize that I chose the correct major.    

What did you learn about Yaeger?

I learned that, for a small business, Yaeger does a lot of work and is very efficient.  I like the close nature of the firm.  In a bigger firm, I may not have been able to get to know as many people.  The culture is comfortable – I was comfortable talking to anyone here.

What did you learn about business and our industry?

I learned more about the architect’s role in traditional construction versus design-build.  There are a lot of moving parts and you need to have a vast body of knowledge.

What did you learn during your internship experience that will help you in school in the upcoming years?

At Yaeger, I learned more about the technical side of architecture.  In the upcoming semesters at KU, I’ll be able to more effectively detail the buildings I design.  I will be able to draw sections to communicate that I understand how the building will be constructed.

What did you work on at Yaeger this summer?

I mostly worked on the Truman Marketplace project in Grandview, Missouri.  I worked on the majority of the buildings that are part of that project.

What did you like?

The people – they are really nice.  I also enjoyed learning new things and being able to work in my field before I graduate. 

What do you see yourself doing upon graduation?

I definitely see myself working at an architecture firm.  I may want to specialize in a certain market sector, but am not sure what that will be yet.