Heritage Park Off-Grid Restroom – Olathe, KS


Heritage Park Off-Grid Restroom – Olathe, KS

The parks department initiated the planning for a simple restroom structure to serve an off-leash dog area of Heritage Park, in the south Johnson County, Kansas suburbs.  When Yaeger Architecture evaluated the costs to bring power to the location, versus the cost of a photo-voltaic array, it was a break-even initial cost, making the off-grid concept a reality.



Completed in 2010


The project initially will be used year-round, in contrast to all other park facilities which are shut down and winterized in autumn.  Because this facility would support year round use it was necessary to provide solar heating systems.  Thermal heating is provided with rooftop solar vacuum tubes providing radiant in-slab heating and heating of water, and a Trombe wall collects further solar heat and stores it for release.